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Make an appointment to have your spa serviced for summer, our service includes Ozone system check and maintenance, filters and jets , full report of any faults.

Nature Spa offers the largest range of quality Australian made spas and swim spas manufactured to the strictest quality management system guidelines, using state of the art facilities.

Our premium range of spas, have ground breaking JetPak® technology, which makes our spas virtually leak proof, and more powerful than any other spa on the market. This same JetPak system makes our premium range of spas customizable, interchangeable, and upgradeable.

 Science Behind the Soak

Human Beings have enjoyed warm water immersion since before written history. Many of our earliest habitation sites were established around natural hot springs, and the value of warm water immersion has been known since the earliest of time. 

Our Services:

Spa Installation and Delivery

Spa Repairs - all brands can be serviced and repaired. All spa parts can be supplied and installed

Spa Packages - including Bali Huts and Gazebos

Non-Chlorine Spa Sanitiser Products

Spa Moves

Acrylic Spa Repairs - Specialist available to repair scratched acrylic
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Spa Cover broken or heavy talk with us we can organise a custom made cover for you. Remember a spa cover saves money, lower heating costs and keep the water clearer.

Bullfrog Spas
The world's most energy efficient spa.....
8 Star Energy Rating

Installation & Repairs
We specialises in the repair & installation of most spas. All spa parts can be supplied
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Save 40% on the running costs of your swim spa

feel, touch, smell......
you won't believe the difference
Protect Your Family!

Imagine the ease of dosing your spa or swim spa just once a week and feeling safe using a non chlorine sanitiser.

Nature Spa is 50% more economical than other purifiers. It's hypo allergenic, APVMA registered and approved, and most importantly, it's easy on the environment. Best of all it's fresh water! No need to shower afterwards when you use Nature Spa.
Easy to use once a week dosing
Replaces all other chemicals
Easy on the environment
Non toxic
Allergy Free
No set up cost or special equipment
No salt or chlorine and 50% more economical than other purifiers
Harmless to you and your family, no more stinging eyes & completely safe for children and babies
Kind to your swimwear
Will not harm your spa or spa cover
Kind to spa pump and equipment and accessories
Conserves water
No lasting effect on the environment
Signature Spas
Bullfrog Spas

Signature Spas

Swim Spas
3 - 6 Seater Spas

Bullfrog Spas 

Swim Spas
3 - 8 Seater Spas

 Designer Spas
 Cyclone Spas

Leisurite Spas

Swim spas
4 - 9 Seater Spas

Cyclone Spa

Swim Spas
4 - 10 Seater Spas


"Another quick note to thank Helen for wonderful service and a wonderful product..

I changed to Nature Spa for our 7,000 litre swim spa last year after trying just about every other product out there... My husband suffers greatly from psoriasis all over his body, and your products do not affect his skin in any way. If anything, your products help him as now he spends a lot of time outside in the sun and fresh air.

I was spending a fortune on chemicals before and felt like I needed a degree to get the balances right, along with agrevating my husbands skin and everyone elses. Nature Spa products are easy on the wallet and I get results I have never been able to achieve before. I love to walk outside and see my spa glisten in the sun.
Thank you once again for the cost effective, quick and easy products that actually deliver wonderful results..."

Sylvia Harris